Q: In which areas and for which product groups can Procurex support me?

A: Our core competence lies in direct purchasing for the series production industry. However, due to our many years of expertise in many areas, we are broadly positioned. There is no restriction in terms of product groups!

Q: Can Procurex also support me in indirect purchasing or in purchasing services?

A: Our motto is “An expert for every area”. Our team consists of subject matter experts from a wide variety of fields with strong interpersonal skills. Contact us with your specific request and we will discuss together how we can assist.

Q: What does up to 100% performance-based mean?

A: We want to positively influence your company’s profitability in the long term and are convinced of our abilities to achieve this. For this reason we work up to 100% success- dependent. This means for you: “No savings – no costs”. But we also manage our company according to economic aspects. Therefore, depending on the jointly defined tasks and possible savings potential, we determine the remuneration model together individually.

Q: Does Procurex work exclusively performance-based?

A: No! Your satisfaction is our top priority – we will be happy to discuss possible areas of support in a free initial meeting and submit an individual and non-binding offer. We are happy to support you in all purchasing challenges. This happens as an external temporary team member to cover your capacity peaks or as a provider of individual and customized training for your purchasing team. In addition, we help you as external personnel consultants to find the right employees for your purchasing department.

Q: The use of external “consultants” in the course of savings projects often meets with great internal resistance and makes successful implementation more difficult, for example, when opening up new purchasing markets or developing new suppliers. Why is Procurex the right partner for our project despite my concerns?

A: In our history, we have already gained a great deal of experience in dealing with a wide variety of challenges. For us, the focus is always on people! We do not see ourselves as consultants, but as powerful operational implementers at your side. To this end, we roll up our sleeves without hesitation and lend a hand. Through our commitment, our on-site presence and our partnership-based approach to our customers’ purchasing colleagues, our experts succeed in gaining respect and, above all, acceptance in a short time. In doing so, we also convince your team of the importance of a joint project success and demonstrate the advantages of our common mission.

Q: How is a procurex | success project started?

A: We start classically with a potential analysis or a joint workshop. During this workshop, we examine all relevant topics and define the cornerstones for the savings project. In the course of this, we also jointly define the “springboard” for calculating the fee-relevant savings.

Q: I want to change my purchasing, but I can’t find my request in any of the packages. Can I also book an individual project?

A: Of course! As diverse as our world is, so are the challenges. Experience has shown that the vast majority of purchasing challenges can be assigned to one of the offered packages. But of course we also support you with your individual challenge, no matter what it looks like.